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There are still well-kept secrets. Every day, a program, like an ode to life.

You have arrived at the Martin Hotel. Everything is fine. Welcome home. The Martin Boutique Hotel is one of those places that we wish to keep secret. Endearing, reassuring, comforting, it lets you in to experience a suspended moment in time.

8 : 30 am


It’s time to have breakfast. This is the first experience of the day.

Just imagine puffy cakes, revisited waffles, layered toasts… recipes written by our grandmothers that gently let us slip into childhood…

It’s comforting, we enjoy ourselves!

10 : 00 am

Ride the wave.

From the hotel, we go down the path, upon arriving at the small pontoon we slide the Kayak and paddle into this turquoise water to discover the natural reserve. Head forth island of Pinel, the island Petite clef or simply stay there, in the middle of the Cul de Sac Bay, observe the birds and turtles. For a long-lasting moment, stop time…

02 : 00 pm

Find your balance.

Take time for yourself. Here we emphasize the well-being of the body and soul. decompress in the hands of our experts: masseuse, yoga teacher or sports coach.

A reason for being: to please you.

Discretion, kindness, personal recommendations, our team demonstrates a true sense of hospitality. The key is the desire to please, enthusiasm and good humor. Forthcoming, of course!