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Lifetime memories

Yummy !

No better way to start the day! Enjoy our fluffy cakes, a new twist on old waffles, layered toast. Slip back into childhood with breakfast just like our grandmothers used to make. Comfort food at its best!

Surf the Wave

From the hotel a small path leads to the small pontoon for kayaking and paddling in the beautiful turquoise water where you will discover the nature reserve. Head for the Ilet Pinel, the Ilet Petite clé, the Baie de Cul de Sac. Or remain still in the middle of the Bay, observing the birds and turtles. Suspend time and savor every moment.

Trouver son équilibre

Take time for yourself. Here we’re all about the well-being of the body and soul. Give yourself over to our experts: Our massage therapist, yoga instructor or sports trainer.

Aiming to Please

Discretion, kindness, personal recommendations - our team shows the true meaning of hospitality. We aim to please and exude enthusiasm and bright spirits. We hope it’s infectious!