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Privatize a

unique house.

Privatize Le Martin Hotel and live the experience of an intimate house associated with a very attentive hotel service.

Once upon a time, there was an island where nestled a small place of retreat for those who wanted to take back their time A place of life, dreams and experiences to share.

An ideal home
for each of
your events.

Ideal for
sharing time.

During a peaceful retreat, a family reunion, a trip with best friends, or celebrating a birthday.


Ideal for creating,
inventing, dreaming.

During an intimate seminar or simply to bring your teams together in an exclusive setting.


Ideal for working

During a photo or video shoot, for a special event in a privileged location, or to promote a product launch.


A dedicated premium hotel service

Each privatization includes the presence of our dedicated team to create for each of your events an unforgettable moment.

Exclusive partners

We organize your event and provide you with our best local partners.

High-end equipment

Both indoors and outdoors, experience an event that suits you thanks to the intimate facilities of the Martin Boutique Hotel.

The Martin Boutique Hotel is one of those places that evolve, change, transform to offer a personalized experience to each of you.

To live, to offer or to share, discover a collection of services and experiences to transform your event into an unforgettable moment.

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Do you want to privatize the Martin Boutique Hotel? Contact us.